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The links listed below are friends, whether businesses or groups. Check them out! If you have a favorite VW bus site, let me know. We'll tell the world.

NEATO : Early Bus Club (50-67) newsletter $28US. The Classified pages are worth that much!

LiMBO : Late Bus Club (68 and newer) I've been a member pretty much since they started ten years ago, my favorite cause of my '71 Westy. $25\year for newsletter. Lots of good technical stuff in it. Plus they also have their own computer list for members.

Type 2 list : computer list for air-cooled VW buses 68-83. If you have a computer and internet access you gotta go here!(or there) Just about every angle of "bus only" topics are covered including a way cool library (articles) and a searchable archive.

Vintagebus list : Same as type 2 list but for VW buses 50-67

Peace,Love,Freedom,Volkswagen (you get the idea) This is a company that repros canvas for buses, and is doing a really good job at it! (Dawn started here in Seattle)

BowWow Auto Parts (AKA Autovice) Friendly local auto parts store specializing in VW. Great help and they can get virtually any repro\aftermarket product you might want.

Wet Westies Bus Camping Club not just for water cooled buses, the "wet" part is cause it rains all the time up here in the Great Pacific Northwest. This is a "computer only" club that actually goes places and does things!!

Richard Atwell's VW Bus Pages This guy is a frequent contributor to the Type 2 list, seems to have a source (and/or a picture) for a lot of late model bus stuff.

AllAirCooled.com "links to the air cooled world" these folks are trying to gather links to anything VW air-cooled worldwide, seem to be doing pretty good job of it.

www.thesamba.com "Free Classifieds" (and more) This seems to be THE SITE for air-cooled VW's,
buy, sell, and learn!

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